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167 Edinburgh Road, Garrowhill Glasgow, G69 6RG, Scotland - Tel: 0141 771 1366
Fax: 0141 771 1366, Mobile: 07973 865982
Email:  tom@headtohead.org.uk

Who is this book for?

This book is aimed at people who are looking for help in overcoming some of life's difficulties and hardships, but feel that they don't want professional help. The general public; stressed executives/ managers and parents could all benefit from this book.

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Tom Lucas

Tom Lucas
Sports Psychologist &
Motivational Speaker
M.Ed. B.A.(HONS)

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NHS Scotland

You have just made one of the best decision of your life by visiting Tom Lucas's site on the 'Y' lifestyle formula for change.

Did you know that by visiting the Head to Head site you are now 50% of the way to finding the solution to your needs, desires and expectations. By consciously making this decision to visit the 'Y' formula for change website you have started on a journey to 'more fulfilling life', 'better job satisfaction', 'better relationships', and greatly 'balanced lifestyle'

Head to Head and my book "Just Help Yourself" will guide you step by step on your journey, to achieving more fulfilling lifestyle.

Thousands have been here before you and benefitted from Tom Lucas's Head to Head unique 'Y' Lifestyle formula for change.

Glasgow City Council
London 2012

Head to Head Sports/Business consultants provide a wide range of activities for the Public, Private sector and the Sporting communities.

The range of activities is as follows:

  • The Y formula
  • Stress Management Courses
  • Fitness Training Programmes
  • Sports Education Services
  • Sports Psychology
  • Business Mentoring/coaching
  • Lifestyle Changes

In addition Head to Head provided Stress Management courses to:
The National Health Service, Local Authorities, Private sector and major Corporations.

In the field of sport psychology Head to Head has provided Sport Psychology services to:
Scottish and English Premier League Clubs - including Celtic, Motherwell, Glasgow Hawks RFC, Olympic athletes, Golfers, Professional Snooker players, Swimmers, Gymnasts, International Rugby players, Scottish Netball Team

Head to Head is currently delivering a 3rd. applied Sport Psychology course for Sports Coaches in Glasgow City Council

Head to Head regularly provides Business Coaching/mentoring to Executives in many major UK Corporations.

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HEAD to HEAD Sports/Business Consultants

Y = You + Y = Yes

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